Monday, October 15, 2012


In light of all this girl-bashing "you look..bigger" "not so cute" it is important to remember that just because women in magazines are airbrushed doesn't mean you have to be. Weight and looks have been issues with everyone for as long as well, forever. I even found myself thinking I wasn't beautiful because I gained weight. Is that true though? No.

So what exactly is beautiful? I'll tell you right now what it isn't.

Beautiful is not starving yourself to be thin.
Beautiful is not trying to be someone else.
Beautiful is not always a size zero.

Beautiful is being healthy.
Beautiful is loving yourself.
Beautiful is YOU. 

As long as you're healthy, you're doing your best to stay that way and work out a few times a week, be happy with yourself. Being a size double zero won't solve all your problems, you'll still be you. So eat healthy, work out, and stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. You'll feel better.

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