Monday, October 29, 2012


Stress, papers due, and two years later my usually clear skin suddenly looked like the skin of an awkward me back in middle school. What was going on? Sometimes, as a girl who loves her skin, you do crazy things. This week it was trying different homemade scrubs, the result? Not bad! My favourite one was a random combination of stuff that sounded good for my skin. I was honestly impressed at how well this worked. haha! Who knew?
Maybe not drinking water is the culprit to my bad skin days? Or maybe it's a huge load of history reading charts!
What was in this scrub that I favored?
1. Freeman's fruit face (peel) mask.
2. 2 tsp. organic honey.
3. 1 tsp. organic olive oil.
4. Loose green tea leaves (I just ripped open a few packets of green tea and added them to the mix of ingredients.) 
5. A seriously relaxing Sex in the City marathon. 

What about you? Do you have bad skin days too? What helped? I hope everyone is having an okay Monday, Monday's are tough, just remember to breathe and have some water!

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