Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How do I get an internship in NYC? Or Anywhere?

Internships are one of the best way to learn your trade (and in my opinion the best way to learn). But how do you get an internship? What if you can't find anything near where you live? One word.


I realized last April (of 2012) that I wanted to work in fashion, in magazines, and that after a trip to Jersey and New York, that I wanted to find an internship in the city. Of course I was in full swing panic because everyone had already applied and been accepted to all types of internships. What was I to do? I emailed, I called, I sent texts. By the time August rolled around I had four internships under my belt. "But how Belle?"

I emailed everyone I admired in the fashion industry, senior fashion editors, other interns, web assistants, even copy editors. I emailed anyone that would listen or give me advice. And some people got back to me. Actually a lot of people emailed me. I used Craigslist and that landed me an assistant buyer internship with a wonderful fitness company. Craigslist helped me get another position as a Social Media Manager for an Ethiopian Pop-up dinner. I emailed a local newspaper where I was living in Jersey and asked if they were hiring interns/freelance writers and I was given a position there. Craigslist came in to play again in July when I found a Fashion Marketing position for a start up company. Don't be afraid to ask, the worst that can happen is that you get a no. On of my family friends suggested I try to meet her friend in NYC at Hearst, and she knew someone at Seveneteen magazine. Getting advice from someone in the fashion industry seems daunting, but everyone I met was so incredibly sweet, and full of advice. When I went back to visit in NYC I TWITTED a senior fashion editor at Hearst and she TWITTED back. We got coffee together and I got some insanely good advice.

Not in NYC? Don't worry! Just email everyone, just ask, you'll never know unless you try.

Three DO's and Don's to Tips and Tricks?

  1. Use twitter to follow your favorite people and make sure to comment on things you love. Like her skirt? Tell her so! (POLITELY).
  2. Do email people that you want to meet, get advice from.
  3. Do dress professionally for any meeting (obvs).
  1. Don't follow people on twitter that you might work for one day if your twitter is disturbingly honest "this grl in frnt of me got the wrst muffin top i eva saw." Rule of thumb, if you wouldn't want you grandma to see it, then don't put it on Twitter/Facebook/whatever.
  2. Don't forget to offer to take them to coffee or lunch. You're probably taking up their break, so make it worth their while, and don't forget to say thank you and send a thank you email or note. It's a nice touch.
  3. Don't wear anything low cut, short or see through, I feel that I really shouldn't have to say this but unfortunately people do it all the time. 

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